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The Navigator is my homage to the Vincent Ward film "The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey".

Ward is one of my favourite film makers and a workhorse. Say what you want about the poor scripting or bad performances in one or two of his bigger budget films, but he remains a giant for his unique visual style, pioneering of the motion painting technique, the balls he had in his botched vision for the much maligned Alien 3 (which you can read about here: and the fact he still keeps on making his films despite having to face extoardinary circumstances: from lack of finances, studio interference, and bad weather destroying his sets.

Getting back to the music, as is often the case, if a film or photograph particularly resonates with me, it winds up giving me a creative push to play some music and if the end result is not a direct inspiration, it at least gives way to a jumping off point usually leading on to another concept taking hold. Over a period of days I kept re-watching this film and recording new pieces of music.

Although if one has viewed the film and then listens to this music with it, I doubt that it would feel as if the two would compliment each other, but in some ways they do. The film informed the process of making this music. The sound quality is deliberately primitive and lo fi, almost as though it was created underground on archaic equipment, but the same could be said of the characters and their plight. Each track is representative of several of the film's key criteria, and after years of hindsight I still feel as though the film and the music can share something in common.

Once again this work was shelved in part, due to the sound quality, but also the lack of strong artwork. Having finally corrected both I am happy to put this out there.


released January 1, 2007



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ZAC KEILLER Melbourne, Australia

Zac Keiller is an Australian musician discovering new and unique sonic textures from one of the most overused and unimaginatively approached instruments in Western music: The guitar. The compositions vary and grow to tell stories and create mood, with an atmosphere in parts epic wall of sound, while at others minimal and sublime. ... more

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